Achieving extreme ease of use is at the heart of Popin’s Magic. Every time a Popin call comes in, there is a distinctive ring and the elderly person’s TV screen shows a message of who is calling and a reminder on how to take the call using the Green Button. After the call they can just hit the Red Button to go back to whatever they were watching. 

Family and Friends

For family and friends, Popin is available on whichever device you are using be it a phone, tablet or laptop. With a few simple clicks, Popin allows you to share photos, send messages, or start a video call with an elderly friend or family member. Staying in touch just got easier.



Popin is a plug-and-play video conferencing and media sharing device that sits atop a TV and connects to the HDMI port. Popin effectively turns the TV into a large video phone, allowing friends and family to make video calls to the television and share media to the TV via Popin’s website. 



We have focused on integrating with and repurposing familiar hardware such as the TV screen as an interface, and the TV remote as a controller (patent pending). In technical terms, we provide a 4G or WIFI connected unit running proprietary software that controls the TV through the HDMI port, using the standard ‘Consumer Electronics Control’ or CEC for short. The Patent is around the use of the TV Remote in a way that it wasn’t designed for, but cleverly meets the needs of our subscribers.